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  • Year Book Update

    Year Book Update

    A quick update on our much anticipated 2023 Sign-in Year Book: With the Christmas rush upon us and many school offices closing up end of this week, we’ve made a call to hold off sending the books out until late January so they’re not left sitting out over the holidays. Thank you to all those…

  • Sheffield


    Partner with Sheffield to source, select and shape your leaders.

  • Introducing Orah

    Introducing Orah

    Silver Sponsors of the NZBSA, Orah provide tools to manage student life at your school helping you to meet and exceed duty of care. Trusted by some of the world’s top schools to measure, manage & improve student life. Find out more at

  • Brownies Mattress Direct

    Brownies Mattress Direct

    Silver Sponsor of the NZBSA, look out for their advert in the upcoming Year Book.

  • Good Honest

    Good Honest

    GOOD HONEST bake the good, honest way using traditional methods, real ingredients, and tried and- true recipes passed down generations. To find out how they can stock your boarding school kitchens with their delicious products contact | 03 281 8840

  • Vendella


    Introducing our Silver Sponsor, Vendella – Your One-Stop Shop!